Our HYPE: Restorative Justice programme aims to support young women who find themselves involved in gang-culture.

Positive Youth Foundation is delivering a yearlong Restorative Justice programme 2016-2017.

The programme will use a highly targeted approach to work with, and support young females aged 11-19. The focus of ‘HYPE’ is towards young females involved in/or at risk of gang affiliation; youth offending, gun and knife crime, glamorisation of crime and violence.

Each participant is offered short term and long-term sustained support, as they work through the issues surrounding this subject. Strategies around the Protective Behaviours framework will be explored and developed with each participant on the programme.

We use Restorative Justice approaches to engage females in mediation. Due to the complexity and sensitivity of crimes, it is not always advisable and constructive to bring victim and perpetrator directly in contact. This programme looks to replicate a similar reflective opportunity for the young person (as victim, perpetrator or both) but within the safety of a familiar and constructive environment.

Each participant is involved in a series of regular group workshops plus 1:1’s with a keyworker.

  • Youth offending system
  • Understanding RJ’s
  • Gang and knife culture
  • Women in gangs – victims? Or criminals?
  • Gangs: glamorisation, lifestyle, exploitation
  • Development of confidence, self-esteem, resilience: PMA
  • Space to voice fears, worries
  • Coping strategies (PB)
  • Ops for training and education
  • Multi-sport activity: mainstream and non-mainstream

If you would like to find out more, or refer a young person onto the programme – please contact Susie on 02476 791190 or susie@positiveyouthfoundation.org