The Belgrade Theatre

Given the 'Ostrich Boys' relevance to a younger audience, The Belgrade broached the idea of a possible collaboration in which members of Positive Youth Foundation were actively involved in the creation, documentation and promotion of the piece.

As well as dealing with some serious themes, the play is filled with humour and teenage banter and has been written to appeal specifically to a teenage audience. Themes touched upon in the show include bullying, academic pressure, first love, teenage romance and the meaning of friendship.

As part of this collaboration members were invited to:

  • – Meet the cast and conduct interviews face-to-face.
  • – the rehearsal room to document process and to take part in Q & A with the Director, exploring characterization and staging.
  • – Watch Open Dress Rehearsal of ‘Ostrich Boys’.
  • – Attend the press night performance of Ostrich Boys and document their experience on air, online and via social media.