Our Friday evening basketball sessions are structured, inclusive and bring a sense of freedom to participants. These are just a few words Jamie Bunch from Coventry Solihull and Warwickshire Sport (CSW Sport) used to describe Positive Youth Foundation’s basketball session. CSW Sport is funded by Sport England and through its ‘Sportivate’ project, funds us to deliver sporting sessions, including our basketball session just to name one! Just last week, an examiner came to check the delivery of our session and gave us very positive feedback.

‘The Basketball session is a partnership approach between Positive Youth Foundation and Particip8. It is an informal recreational sports session, engaging young people of various faiths and from communities in and around CV1’.

This is just one sentence from Jamie’s review of our session in which he also lauded the balance and interaction our two coaches, Alex and Marian had. Furthermore, the ability for our sessions to keep youngsters away from trouble and crime is clearly evident even for someone attending our sessions for the first time like Jamie was. He continued to say ‘as a Friday tea time session it gives the young people a really good start to their weekend and a structured activity to attend. Thus most likely reducing ASB and giving positive activity’.

Following up on our positive report, we went to interview one of our basketball coaches, Marian Horvat, who lives in the local community and is fast progressing his journey at PYF. Beginning as a participant, he accepted an apprenticeship with PYF and is now a member of staff. We wanted to find out more about what happens behind the scenes at our Basketball session and to find out more about the man behind the (basket)ball!

Question 1: What is the Basketball session about and what exactly happens during it?

Answer: Kids getting in and having fun for free. Usually we go straight into a match and play multiple games, but sometimes we do some physical training.

Question 2: Could you point out why you think it’s been such a success so far and why 20-30 kids turn up every week?

I think it’s because it’s such an easy and simple session, you can come and just play basketball. It's simple! Also because of the connection between myself and Alex with the participants!

Question 3: Tell us a bit more about yourself and your journey with Positive Youth Foundation?

I volunteered for three or four years, then Krishan asked me if I wanted to do an apprenticeship, I did that for a year, finished that and now I am in my fourth month of paid work.

Question 5: What are your targets for the next year?

Getting more kids into sports sessions and achieving qualifications in sports. Personally, my goals are to stay at Positive Youth Foundation and progress, as well as keeping my self-busy.


Question 4:  What has been the change over the three roles you have acquired?

Volunteering gave me a good insight into how PYF operates and once you become an apprentice you get given even more roles and responsibilities in the job. When you are in paid work you get to develop more of the leadership skills you need to have and take part in even more activities across the organisation.

Question 6: Sum up the session in three words

  • Fun
  • Physical
  • Development